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  1. Congratulations! You have just completed a task of creating your first music video, All About Me. You have learned how to import pictures, songs, add transitions, pans, and zooms to your photos.You also learned how to convert video music to mp3 format while using YouTube convert.

    The differs from formative evaluation under quizlet in that summative assessments are not typically used to assess the program, but the learner. However, summative evaluation can also be used to assess the effectiveness of learning, efficiency and not cost effectiveness, lastly attitudes and reactions to learning (Morrison et al., 2013).

    You use computers that have Window Live Movie Maker (MLMM). Before today's WebQuest, how many of you were familiar with Window Live Movie Maker. You have only scratched the surface of creating a video. There are several different software to create a video. I challenge you to research three other video software that you can use to create videos that have more options than WLMM. Please broaden your horizon and create other videos for your family, friends, and teachers to help enhance your abilities. One day you may even decide to become a video editor or producer. 

    As you broaden your knowledge of a video editor or producer, consider the following question:

    1.       How much money does a producer or editor make?

    2.       How are movies made you go to see at the movies?

    3.       What are the requirements to become a video editor or producer?


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