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Throughout this journey of gathering information about bullying, you as a reporter (and as a student), should have picked up many pieces of valuable information.  Unfortunately, even in the most perfect communities, bullying occurs.  One of the most effective solutions to bullying is education and awareness.  YOU are now an "expert" in one area of bullying.  YOU know how to identify bullying.  YOU know what a bully may be thinking.  YOU know what a target of bullying may be feeling like.  YOU know the steps that need to be taken to END the bullying.  YOU need to take a stand. 


If you see bullying taking place, tell someone, don't just stand there and watch or encourage the action. If you feel that you are a bully, tell someone so that you can get help with stopping your actions.  If you are a target of a bully, tell someone so that you can get some relief.  Ending the bullying epidemic can start with you. 


Be a friend to everyone, even if it means that you might not seem "cool" to the popular kids.  Bullying is not "cool" in anyway.  Encouraging bullying is just as bad as being a bully.  Become friends with the kids that might not have many friends.  Think about how you would feel if you were all alone.  Put yourself in the shoes of other people, and treat those people the way that you would like to be treated in that case.


Now that you know about bullying, have seen the presentations given to you by your fellow reporters, and have the facts about this horrible act, what will YOU do to make a difference?  How will YOU be the person who helps to bring a stop to bullying in our school?

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