The last thing to do is make sure you have allowed SHARING of your GOOGLE FOLDERS and FILES for me.

This will allow me to check them and see your progress.  

Watch the video below.  It will explain how to allow SHARING.

REMINDER!!! Be sure that you LOG OUT of all of your ACCOUNTS (Including GOOGLE) each day before you leave class.  

Just closing the window does NOT log you out of most of these sites.  So remember to do that so that the person in the next class that uses the computer will not have access to your account.

REMINDER!!!  Be sure to TRASH anything (images, documents) you saved to your computer.  They take up memory space and slow down the computers.  Don't save documents here.  Save them in GOOGLE DRIVE!

REMINDER!!! Use your PASSWORD document in your other classes.  If a teacher has you use a website and you have to create an account, go to your GOOGLE DRIVE folders and save the ID and PASSWORD on that document.  Use your GOOGLE DRIVE account for ALL of your classes!

REMINDER!!!  BE sure to bring HEADPHONES, or EARBUDS with you to class EACH DAY.  You will need these to complete almost ALL of the online assignments.


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