Useful or Hoax - Evaluating Websites




As you finish this Webquest, think back over the skills you have learned to help you decide whether a Website contains valid information.  Hopefully, as you practiced your skills evaluating the Websites, you came to the following conclusions:

The first Website about the Haggis is not real.

The second Webiste about Moonbeam Enterprises is not real.

The third Website about Dog Island is not real.

The fourth Website about the California Gold rush is real.

The fifth Website about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is not real.

The sixth Website about the Giant Squid is real.

The seventh Website about Dihydrogen Monoxide is about water, so it is real, but it is presented in way that makes water seem like something else.

The eighth Website about Christopher Columbus was designed by teachers to make you check your facts - some information is valid but some is incorrect.  It is not a site that could be used for accurate research. 

Please remember to use your skills of deduction and the checklist of questions to evaluate the Websites you visit in the future.

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