Traveling Through the USA



Congratulations Travelers, you’ve done a fine job finding your way to either California or Florida!!!!


While completing this assignment you’ve learned:

  • How to create and budget and stick to it
  • How to choose travel methods based on expense
  • How to make meal choices based on your budget
  • How to choose your hotel accommodations based on your budget
  • How to work cooperatively with a group
  • How to think critically about a problem and examine about all the possible solutions
  • How to manage money and make good choices
  • How to problem solve within a group
  • How to make educated decisions after acquiring the knowledge 
  • How to have fun while learning!!!!

 I hope your "vacation" was enjoyable and inexpensive!



If you would like you could plan another vacation using the same tools you used for the project.

How much would it cost to go to Italy, Ireland, India????

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