• Traveling Around Italy!!! Ciao! Arrivederci! Buona Sera!
    Students: You will go to an adventure trip to the Italy. You will acquire information about the government, culture, life style, history and geography. You will have this great and unique experience comparing and contrasting thes
    Subject: Foreign Language | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Ruth Arras
    Views: 20,207,512 | Favorited: 59 | Reviews: (68)
  • The Life And Times Of William Shakespeare!
    This is a webquest that will help students learn about William Shakespeare and the time period in which he lived.
    Subject: English / Language Arts | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): Caroline Tanner
    Views: 9,282,989 | Favorited: 571 | Reviews: (23)

  • Turma 801, primeiro bimestre do ano letivo de 2014.Pesquisa e constru
    Subject: Art / Music | Grade: College / Adult
    Author(s): Maria Claudia Fs Graca
    Views: 5,391,390 | Favorited: 1 | Reviews: (0)
  • Ocean Habitats
    Students will explore ocean zones, coral reefs, kelp forests, and identify ways that ocean pollution affects these habitats. This web quest addresses the following South Carolina science standards: 3-1.1,3-1.4,3-1.6,3-
    1.8,3-3.2,3-3.3, and 3-3.4
    Subject: Science | Grade: 3-5
    Author(s): Beth Johnson
    Views: 3,135,447 | Favorited: 39 | Reviews: (42)
  • La Adolescencia
    En esta Unidad de Indagación intentaremos conocer las principales característic
    as de una etapa importante y muy próxima en nuestras vidas
    Subject: Social Studies | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): Pablo Nine
    Views: 2,898,835 | Favorited: 32 | Reviews: (0)
  • 3 Branches And The Supreme Decisions
    Strand 3:Civics/Government PO 2. Differentiate the roles and powers of the three branches of the federal government.The students will be able to diffeentiate between the three different branches of governement and be able to tell the difference of ea
    Subject: Social Studies | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): James Benn
    Views: 2,880,717 | Favorited: 32 | Reviews: (0)
  • Valley Nisenan People Of California
    Students will be able to identify California Native Indians in the Valley Nisenan Tribe and many aspects of their life. They will gain the knowledge of housing, food, clothing, hunting/gathering and more.
    Subject: Social Studies | Grade: 3-5
    Author(s): Joelle Freitas
    Views: 2,718,960 | Favorited: 21 | Reviews: (0)
  • The Life And Times Of William Shakespeare.
    Students will research William Shakespeare's life and times to understand the context from which his great works were written.
    Subject: English / Language Arts | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): Caroline Tanner
    Views: 2,358,514 | Favorited: 4 | Reviews: (1)
  • The Trip To Ancient Linguistics
    this project is devoted to the one of the topics in the theory of linguistics: the history of linguistics and the comparative analysis
    Subject: English / Language Arts | Grade: College / Adult
    Author(s): Elena Zhdanova
    Views: 2,066,978 | Favorited: 41 | Reviews: (2)
  • Time In Social Studies
    This WebQuest will provide the learner with a greater understanding of how time has changed our World.
    Subject: Social Studies | Grade: 3-5
    Author(s): Darci Hawkins
    Views: 1,833,210 | Favorited: 1 | Reviews: (0)

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